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Darkstorm by M. L. Spencer

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Darkstorm is the first book of the dark fantasy series The Rhenwars Saga by M. L. Spencer.


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Our Choices Define Our Destiny.

When Merris Bryar stumbles across a secret meeting in the forgotten passages beneath Aerysius, she has no idea the harrowing sequence of events her discovery will set into motion. Merris discovers that deep below the city of the mages, forces of chaos are hard at work boring the Well of Tears, a gateway to the Netherworld.

Faced with an imminent cataclysm that will destroy the magical heritage of their people, a conspiracy of darkmages have resorted to harnessing the powers of Hell to save their legacy. The only mages who can oppose them are Merris and her mentor, Sephana Clemley, along with their protectors, Braden and Quin Reis: two brothers with a turbulent past and a caustic relationship. But both Braden and Quin are compromised, harboring terrible and tragic secrets.

Will Braden and Quin be able to protect Sephana and Merris long enough to stop the unsealing of the Well of Tears? Or will they fall victim to the darkmages’ sinister manipulations and join their conspiracy?

“This was an amazingly entertaining read. ”
— Jordan Binkerd, Manhattan Book Review

“The plot is so carefully crafted, the suspense as powerful as the magic world of the book, and the action breathtaking. This one is a thrilling read, fast-paced, and bitingly entertaining. ”
— Romuald Dzemo, San Diego Book Review

“An engaging and heart wrenching tale of love, loss, deceit and desperation…there is tremendous passion on both the personal and universal levels that draws you in and breaks your heart.”
— Melinda Hills, Readers’ Favorite

A Word from the Author

Author ML Spencer pictureDarkstorm is a turbulent grimdark fantasy that explores the murky gray area between two different types of moral ethics, deontology and consequentialism. In Darkstorm, good and evil are fluid and often hard to define, while both heroes and antagonist struggle toward opposing goals that are at once both justifiable and reprehensible.

(M. L. Spencer, February 2017)


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