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The Darkness Returns by Michael D. Nadeau

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The Darkness Returns is the first book of the Lythinall epic fantasy series by Michael D. Nadeau.

back cover The Darkness Returns (A Lythinall Novel) (Book 1) by Michael D. Nadeau  front cover The Darkness Returns (A Lythinall Novel) (Book 1) by Michael D. Nadeau



An ancient evil is loosed upon the land of Lythinall and a young monk is swept up in a perilous journey across his homeland to try and stop it. A strange power awakens within him, bearing with it prophesy and danger, but he is not alone. He meets the legendary bard Karsis, and travels with the Princess of Everknight to realms that they have only dreamed of. Hidden forces watch them, with bated breath, as this evil could spell the end of everything

A Word from the Author

Author Michael D. Nadeau picture_The Darkness Returns is my first foray into the literary world and it’s a little scary finally doing this . I’ve been reading fantasy/science fiction books and playing Roleplaying games for over thirty years and finally wanted to do something that combined the things I love. Writing and creating worlds/characters. I started in 2011 and got about halfway through when I had to stop to work a second job. We lost the house anyway and had to move in with the in-laws and it wasn’t until 2016 that I started writing again. I created the characters from different aspects of characters I have played over the years and wanted the book to be different than most common fantasy books. I decided on describing the antagonist first, with detail as he wasn’t just a shadow of evil, he was there, real and deadly so the readers know what’s coming before most of the heroes in the book do. I also cut out a lot of the travel descriptions. In the hundreds of books I’ve read over the years I’ve seen tons of description needlessly dragging on (three pages to detail the door they are looking at or the road they traveled on for days) So while it is descriptive, I also cut to other scenes when the heroes (or villains) aren’t really doing anything you need to know about. If something needs mentioning, I can bring it up later in conversation. I have only sold 19 books (and 1 ebook) since June but of the people that have finished it, I have only positive reviews. (including 1 on amazon and two on my facebook page for the book) The only fault is that I couldn’t afford an editor so the punctuation is off here and there. The style I have is different, switching POV with each character so that the reader gets a full gambit of how each character is seeing things or feeling about what is going on, and the whole story is blended with rich sarcasm and antics. I am currently writing book 2 (35k words so far) and have plans for the third book, plus another trilogy set before this series as well as more books set after these books.

(Michael D. Nadeau, August 2017)



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