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Strange Tales and Poems from the Witches’ Cauldron by Nasser Rabadi

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Strange Tales and Poems from the Witches’ CauldronĀ is a collection of strange tales and poems by Nasser Rabadi

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You may want to keep the lights on as you delve into the world of Nasser Rabadiā€™s strange imagination. His horrific tales will not only chill you to your core but also show you something surprising about human nature in the face of the eerie and unexplained.

Rabadiā€™s new collection contains eighty-one separate stories and poems. His thrilling tales include everything from psychological twists to slasher horror.

In Rabadiā€™s first story, a young woman copes with her best friendā€™s shocking disappearance and the sense that something is very wrong with the world. In the next, parents try to make sense of the death of their daughter and puzzle over a mysterious videotape. Other stories involve a boy stumbling upon an apocalyptic scenario, a mother haunted by her dreams, and a man receiving taunting phone calls. Each story pokes at the illusion of normality in modern life. These tales promise that there is always something sinister lurking below the surface.

In addition to these short, sharp stories, Rabadi also includes a number of poems on everything from true love to existential crises. His collection has something for everyone and is guaranteed to keep you up at night!

A Word from the Author

Author Nasser Rabadi pictureStrange Tales and Poems from The Witches’ Cauldron is my first published work. It took me 8 months to write, and was my second attempt at a novel. My first attempt, Stone Road, reached almost the half way point when I had given up. Later, I edited it to a short story and it is the final story in this collection. My stories are all pretty much horror, minus one or two that are sort of experimental. The poetry was my first time doing poetry. I got into poetry as a new way to express myself, while also trying to write outside my comfort zone. The poems range from nonsensical wordplay (example: Beatles song “I Am the Walrus”), randomness, existential/depressing, all the way to lovey dovey. I am already writing a sequel, as well as six comic book titles that aren’t in print yet but one is being drawn as we speak. The stories in here are all unique, and don’t resemble any other authors work. We have a story of the collapse of time itself, we have a story about a lady with vivid dreams that seep into reality because of a doll given to her as a gift (my personal favorite), and many other. All the stories and poems flow in and out of each other with small connections and repeat characters on occasion, as well as repeat locations. But i will say this: If poems aren’t your thing: skip them!

(Nasser Rabadi, September 2017)


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