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Curiosity killed the Craving by Raj Fernandes

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Curiosity Killed the Craving is a self-help book by Raj Fernandes.
full cover Curiosity Killed the Craving - quit smoking without the fuss by Raj Fernandes


Quitting smoking doesn’t have to be intimidating.
Having smoked for over 40 years, I had tried all sorts of methods of quitting. But no matter what I tried, the cravings would always return to haunt me. All attempts to overcome cravings failed until I discovered a simple technique that helped me get the better of them. The secret turned out to be my own mind. So I practiced observing the onset of cravings in a curious, mindful way. This helped me acknowledge the presence of cravings rather than struggle with them.

In my new no-nonsense quit smoking book CURIOSITY KILLED THE CRAVING., I share what has worked for me and guide you through the process from preparing to quit, to the realities of the first few days without nicotine, to making positive lifestyle changes going forward. It is full of practical tips and personal experiences. Quitting is never easy, but trust me, if I can do it anyone can.

So say goodbye to Nicotine (or Mr. Nic as I know him) today!

A Word from the Author

Author Raj Fernandes picture 2Having smoked cigarettes for well over 40 years the thought that I should ‘pack it in’ hit me hard one night. At 11pm on that eventful night I happily dumped three packets of cigarettes, my legendary glass ashtray, and four lighters. That was me giving Mr Nicotine the push – I never wanted to see him again. I quit smoking for two reasons – to live a healthier life and secondly spread the word out there by sharing my story.

Since then my quit journey has been fascinating. Fascinating because it has made me discover the wonders and power of my own mind. I’ve been watching my mind with mind, so to speak. It taught me to use curiosity in a positive way. Hence the title of the book CURIOSITY KILLED THE CRAVING.

To be honest I would not have achieved this without my strong efforts to read up on the subject of addictions, take advice and get the support of a quit smoking community. Today I feel new. I feel clean. I feel energetic. I feel in control. More than anything, I feel proud of myself. If a weak-willed person like me can do it, so can you.
Writing a book has always been on my bucket list and I am proud to have pulled this off. But hey, I could not have done this without the assistance of my publishers. They have been amazing. What’s more it enlightened and educated me on the writing process; right from the first manuscript right down to editing, proofreading, structuring etc. It proved to me that learning is an enjoyable life long process.

CURIOSITY KILLED THE CRAVING is different in the sense that it approached smoking addiction in a curious, mindful way. Then again it is a bite-sized, easily digestible book (just 58 pages) and it’s packed with practical tips from preparing to quit to lifestyle changes. My mission is to truly, honestly see more people stop this disgusting and deadly habit!

(Raj Fernandes, July 2017)


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