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Soulgate – Temple of Souls by Robin G. Howard

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Temple of Souls

by Robin G. Howard.

front cover soulgate - temple of souls by Robin G. Howard

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The out of the body traveller, Jim Long and his crew, arrive for a short vacation on a friendly peace loving planet. Within days, he is flung into a series of chilling events that disrupts society and causes devastation to the huge infrastructure of religious and political life. He desperately searches with translators for the answers in an archaic religious book as an escalating madness erupts around him. His psychic bracelet seems of little use as the planet is being slowly driven out of the physical reality.

A Word from the Author

Author Robin G. Howard pictureSoulgate –temple of souls, was the 3rd in the series of the Jim Long space agent books. The story starts on a distant planet where politicians and the clerics of an ancient theology rule together in government. A few thousand years of peace is interrupted by the discovery of a vast buried circular temple just outside the city limits. Jim and his crew of Gail farmer and Norman Clark on a short holiday at the time are intrigued by the escalation to reach the centre that is blocked by tunnels of dark matter. In the total blackness, all physical senses ceased to exist, causing disorientation and sickness. Some enter and return to a strange madness. A threatening psychic power is released that starts to encompass the city and then spreading around the planet. The study of an ancient book may have the answer but can they unravel the mystery before they are taken out of existence. As an author, the writing was quite exciting the story was plotted, but I had no ending in mind in the steady progress toward the last two chapters. My brain just kept pulling ideas out of the ether – a financial collapse – this happened in real life two years later. Finally, just before the last chapter, the ending was revealed, and I looked upward and said thank you. There is a reason why I believe wholeheartedly in paranormal and psychic phenomena because of a wonderful, unbelievable occurrence that happened to me fifty-six years ago. It is documented and in a video on my website.

(Robin G. Howard, December 2017)

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