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The Second Cup by Sarah Marie Graye

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The Second Cup is a contemporary women’s fiction novel y Sarah Marie Graye.

cover The Second Cup by Sarah Marie Graye


Would your life unravel if someone you knew committed suicide? Theirs did.

University was years ago, but Faye’s heart still belongs to her first love from her days as a student. She knows Jack might have moved on, but when she decides to try and track him down nothing prepares her for the news that he’s killed himself.

With the fragility of life staring them in the face, Abbie finds herself questioning her marriage and Faye her friendship with Ethan. And poor Olivia is questioning everything – including why Jack’s death has hit Beth the hardest. Is she about to take her own life too?

The Second Cup is the first novel by London South Bank University postgraduate scholarship holder Sarah Marie Graye.

A Word from the Author

Author Sarah Marie Graye pictureYou’ve killed yourself in your dreams.And now someone else has committed suicide in the same way. Only they’ve done it in real life.

Beth shouldn’t be falling apart; it’s Faye’s true love who has killed himself, not hers. But the way Jack died is filling her head with noise. Will Jack’s actions push her over the edge? And what about Faye? Is Ethan the reason she’s coping? And is she really coping – on the inside? Why does Abbie need to walk away at the moment Beth needs her the most? And is the usually timid Olivia strong enough to support them all?

The Second Cup follows the lives of four friends as they each struggle to come to terms with Jack’s suicide.

(Sarah Marie Graye, August 2017)



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