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Hello. I am a San Francisco native who moved to Mississippi when my husband bribed me with the promise of a horse. Moving to the south gave me the time I needed to focus on my writing career. I’ve always loved mysteries, and find that I repeatedly reach for books that were written in the early nineteenth century for my “comfort reads,” books written by Patricia Wentworth, Mary Stewart, and Dorothy Eden to name a few. Although these books are no longer in fashion now—at least according to NYT and USA Today best seller lists—I am amazed how many readers love my books because they harken back to this particular style of fiction. I hope to revive the gothic mysteries that I love, and share this style of writing with the younger generation.

My father fought in World War II (I know, I’m dating myself!). He met my mother when he mustered out of the Navy in California in 1945. They married and moved to the San Francisco Bay Area. I was regaled with stories of San Francisco during and after the war. I worked in the city for years, and could easy conjure up what San Francisco was like during the 1940s. I love researching that time period—I read newspapers and magazines, along with the best-selling fiction of the era—and also have discovered a passion for radio drama. My stories, although filled with ghosts and conflict and danger, speak to a simpler time, a time where people weren’t so plugged in with electronic equipment, and a time where people were more connected to one another. I hope as you read the Sarah Bennett’s mysteries, you will lose yourself in this era, too.

Thanks and happy reading!

(Terry Lynn Thomas, August 2016)


Sarah Bennett Mysteries

Book 1: The Spirit of Grace

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