Tina Amiri

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Tina Amiri lives in Canada and works for Vision Rehabilitation Ontario, in Barrie. Despite a healthcare-oriented career path, Tina has always gravitated toward the arts, drawing, but mostly writing stories, even before entering school. She completed her first full-length novel by age 12, before leaving behind a trail of half-finished manuscripts, until she conceived Whatever The Impulse. After several years of honing her skill through courses, industry feedback and how-to books, Tina landed a private ghost-writing assignment and then worked, in her free time, for a book agency, providing book-doctoring and editing services for writers serious about meeting the standards of traditional publishing houses. Whatever The Impulse was published through Siento Sordida, an imprint of Caliburn Press. This novel blends Tina’s enjoyment of writing with her interest in abnormal psychology as it takes a look at the BD relationship, real and simulated, through the book’s lifelike characters.

(Tina Amiri, December 2016)


Whatever Impulse

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