W. B. Cushman

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W. B. Cushman

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W.B. Cushman is the pen name for Buddy Cushman, a 67 year-old writer living in Portland, OR with his wife Susan, son Spenser, and step-daughter Marie. Following a long career in human services, spiced with interludes of sports journalism, he began writing fiction after taking a Fiction Writing class as Portland State University in 2014. He has had one short story previously published – “Home Is Where the Rat Is” – for the 2015 Typewriter Anthologies from Weasel Press. “Ring Around the Rosy” is his first novel. Presently he is finishing a collection of inter-connected supernatural stories set in Astoria, OR called “Astoria Strange” , and another collection of short stories titled “Collected Strays.

(W. B. Cushman, January 2017)


Ring Around the Rosy

frontcover - Ring around the rosy by W. B. Cushman

Astoria Strange

front cover Astoria Strange by W. B. Cushman

Minor Revelations – 43 Poems

front cover Minor Revelations by W. B. Cushman






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