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B.M. Griffin

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Bonnie Griffin, (aka B.M. Griffin), is from a small town in North Carolina, U.S. She is the mother of two wonderful daughters, and they are her inspiration to pursue her dream in becoming a published author. As a child reading was always her outlet, a place to escape into a world of fantasy where anything was possible. Bonnie carried this love of reading into adulthood, and from there has made several steps to pursue this love and become an author. She has worked tirelessly to earn her Bachelor’s Degree in Creative Writing from Southern New Hampshire University, and is currently working towards her Master’s. All of her hard work has come together with her first self-published novel, “Loving Her Scars.” With several novels in the works, Bonnie is looking forward to continuing to produce stories that bring readers’ imaginations to life.

(B.M. Griffin, May 2017)


Loving Her Scars

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