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Author Dr Bob Rich

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Dr Bob Rich is an Australian storyteller with 16 published books, and one due to join them soon. He has retired five times so far, but heā€™ll keep one occupation going as long as he is alive: that of professional grandfather. Any person under about 25 years of age qualifies as his grandbaby. They only need to apply.
Many do so by tracking him down and emailing him a cry for help. His words often make a difference, and some of these youngsters have been his friends for years.

He is not so much a writer as a recorder. He invents a character, who then talks to him. He faithfully writes down the story, which usually surprises him. Judged by the reviews his books receive, this process works.

Every person has a hidden agenda; often unacknowledged. You canā€™t even write a shopping list without revealing something about your value system. Bob knows what his value system is, and unashamedly has it influence his writing. So, while the books have all the features that make for a page-turner, they are also tools for a better world.

Because he is a professional grandfather, he wants a survivable future for young people, and a future worth surviving in. He has been a conservationist since 1972, and is well read on environmental matters. So, he can tell you the facts. Right now, we are in the 6th great extinction event of earth. We are unraveling the web of life, and are about to fall through the hole. The cause is a toxic global culture that encourages and reinforces greed, aggression, hate and fear of each other. We desperately and urgently need to change to a global culture that encourages and reinforces the best in human nature: compassion, cooperation, decency.

So, all his writing is an invitation for readers to join his team.

(Dr. Bob Rich, January 2018)



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