Larry D. Shackelford

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Larry D. Shackelford is an Indie fiction author of crime, action/adventure, romance, and science fiction novels. He was raised in southwest Missouri where he received his college degree, and soon began a career in federal law enforcement. As a criminal investigator, he resided in eight different states, and had the opportunity to work in three foreign countries. Larry‚Äôs inspirations for his books come from the numerous unique characters he had the opportunity to meet during his law enforcement career. Strangely, the majority of the ‚Äúcharacters‚ÄĚ were not suspects! After twenty-five years of service, Larry retired from law enforcement (for an entire week) and began his second career in corporate healthcare compliance where he continues his full-time employment. Mr. Shackelford has one son who is a commercial airline pilot and his daughter is still in college. College tuition is just one of the many reasons Larry‚Äôs retirement plan is to work until he dies! Larry resides in Salt Lake City with his wife. He also has a cat, Maddie, who is convinced she is the queen of the castle!

(Larry D. Shackelford, November 2016)


The Keresa Headdress Series

Book 1 – The Keresa Headdress


Book 2 – The Reliquary


Quincunx I


The Cherubim Rosewood





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