Mary Anne Yarde

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Author Mary Anne Yarde


The stories of King Arthur and his Knights were a big part of Mary Anne Yarde’s childhood ~ growing up in the shadows of Glastonbury, England, it is hardly surprising. Yarde’s fascination with this time period spilled over into her adult life and she has been chasing Arthur’s shadow ever since. One day, maybe she will catch him!

(Mary Anne Yarde, 21st May 2016)


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The Du Lac Chronicles

Book 1 – The Du Lac Chronicles

The Du Lac Chronicles by Mary Anne Yarde

Novella – The Pitchfork Rebellion

Cover The Pitchfork Rebellion - the du lac chronicles novella by Mary Anne Yarde

Book 2 – The Du Lac Devil

cover The Du Lac Devil by Mary Anne Yarde

Book 3 – The Du Lac Princess

cover The Du Lac Princess - The Du Lac Chronicles 3 by Mary Anne Yarde






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