Millie Thom

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Millie is the mother of six grown up children and a former geography and history teacher. Since retiring a few years ago, she has been indulging her passion for history by focusing on writing her historical fiction trilogy, Sons of Kings, of which she is currently writing Book 3. Millie has also become very fond of writing flash fiction, something that developed from joining in with various challenges on WordPress. As a consequence, Millie has also recently published a book of 85 flash fiction pieces of 100 to 1,000 words, titled A Dash of Flash.

Millie and her husband of 46 years have lived in a number of places in England but are now settled in a small village in Nottinghamshire. Originally from the seaside town of Southport in Lancashire, she still misses the smell of the sea.

(Millie Thom, NovemberĀ 2016)


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A Dash of Flash: A Collection of Very Short Stories


Sons of Kings Trilogy (Historical Fiction)

Book 1 – Shadow of the Raven





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Amazon UK Author Page


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