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photo author Nicholas Paschall


Born and raised in Texas, I’ve been many things. A student, a teacher, an editor, a reporter, a chef, and salesman. I’ve walked many paths in life and have finally found one that makes me happy. I was born August 29th, 1985 to a Presbyterian and Buddhist, who raised me the best they could. No childhood trauma to speak of, save for the frequent bouts of rage my father had due to his own inner demons. I began to develop my own anxieties and depression when I was a teenager and have only now managed to get them under control. I spent my college years with the Young Conservatives of Texas and the Atheist Agenda, the only believer in a crowd of heathens. My Buddhism has helped me cope with my problems, but my real savior has been writing. I discovered I loved it in high school thanks to my junior year English teacher and my Journalism teacher. Couple that with my degree in History from the University of Texas in San Antonio and you’ll realize I do my research when it comes to the subjects of my stories.

(Nicholas Paschall , June 2016)


Ghost of O’Leary House

Cover Ghost of the O'leary house by Nicholas Paschall

Grimlocke Chronicles

Cover Grimlocke Chronicles by Nicholas Paschall



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