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Dear author,

We have a range of services available to increase the exposure of your books:

(Note: We do not automatically charge our clients (i.e. no automatic recurring payments)).

Book Review Service:

(Contact us via email to: admin [at] circleofbooks [dot] com to know more about this service.)

Book Advertising Packages:

For FREE you get:

  • One book page here on circleofbooks.com

(Send an email to: admin [at] circleofbooks [dot] com with the book details.)

For just $8 you get:

(Send an email to: admin [at] circleofbooks [dot] com with the book details.)

For just $15 you get:

(Send us an email at admin [at] circleofbooks [dot] com with information about your books you wish included on circleofbooks.com)

For just $25 you get:

(Send us an email at admin [at] circleofbooks [dot] com with information about your books you wish included on circleofbooks.com)

Send us your own tweets to advertise your book/author website on Twitter:

  • ¬†$15¬†pack of 30 tweets, one tweet per day.
  • ¬†$30¬†pack of 60 tweets, two tweets per day.
  • ¬†$50¬†pack of 120 tweets. four tweets per day.
  • $100¬†pack of 150 tweets you tell us when to tweet.

(Contact us at:  admin [at] circleofbooks [dot] com)

Use our sidebar to advertise your author website or book:

  • $25 / month

(Contact us at:  admin [at] circleofbooks [dot] com)

Wishing you much success,

S. Mestre


Customer Reviews

Author Tony Riches PictureThe excellent support from the team at Circle of Books has helped raise awareness of my Tudor Trilogy and kept my books in several Amazon best-seller categories. I am happy to recommend their services for authors.


Tony Riches, Historical Fiction author.


assaph mehrBeing an author is the ultimate introverted activity. No wonder then that a lot of authors struggle with the required marketing after publishing! The services offered by Circle Of Books help just that. They generate professional, repeated exposure across social media, which is the key to long term success.

Their efforts on my behalf (and on behalf of Murder In Absentia), are very much appreciated, and bear results! I would highly recommend Circle Of Books to any starting and established author.

Assaph Mehr

author chris derrick

As an Indie author it’s great to find someone who’s more than willing (& able) to assist me in the promotion of my own work.
I met Sandro (Circle of Books) initially through Twitter – and he soon became a good friend.
If I ever need to have a day or so of forced absence from Twitter it’s very comforting to know Sandro will still be at the helm.
All the while keeping the name of my books & their main characters ‘out there’ and getting their much needed exposure.
I’d recommend Circle of Books (& the more comprehensive low cost service Sandro offers) without any hesitation whatsoever.
Long may he continue………………….

Chris G. Derrik

Author Crystal Marcos

 Circle of Books is very supportive of Indie authors. It is nice to have a place that welcomes you with open arms. I am thrilled to see my pages done so professionally on the site and even more excited to see my book and name making the rounds across social media. Sandro is pleasant and truly cares about what he can do to help my work get noticed.

Crystal Marcos


Author Dianne AstleOne of the greatest challenges writers face is making their books discoverable. It was a lucky day when Circle of Books found my books on twitter and began to promote them. I love the images that are created for books by Sandro. Thank you Circle of Books. Keep up the good work.

Dianne Astle


photo author Dick AllanI would like to say a big Thank you for setting up my book pages. I am very pleased with them and admire the efficiency and speed with which you provide this service. Congratulations

Dick Allan




Author Florence Osmund

I only recently became a member of Circle of Books, but even before that they were giving shout-outs about my books on Twitter. I’ve never known anyone else to do that! Take a few minutes to check out their website www.circleofbooks.com. Authors and readers alike will find it useful. This indie author wishes she could spend less time promoting and more time writing. Thank you Sandro for providing this platform to help me do just that.

Florence Osmund



Author Michael BossoI’m a huge fan of Circleofbooks.com.  They have almost single-handedly freed me from the marketing grind, and allowed me more time for the thing I love… writing.  Between their multiple tweets throughout the day and their Facebook posts, the exposure my work receives is easily ten times greater than I would be able to accomplish on my own.

Their professional service and incredible presence on the web has been nothing short of magic.  Thanks Circle of Books!  You are Amazing!

Michael Bosso


Rosie Chapel author
I discovered Circle of Books through Twitter and have been pleasantly surprised at how supportive this platform is for new and independent writers. It is a great website for anyone interested in reading about a diverse range authors and genres, offering different methods of exposure for writers, across several social media platforms.

As a self-published¬†writer, promoting my books is a challenge¬†–¬†there is no publisher behind me advertising them all over the world, organising book signings or special events on¬†the release of a novel. Thus it’s great to have people who love books enough to promote them without cost to the author. There is¬†also the option, for an extremely reasonable¬†price to¬†have a more in-depth/longer term¬†promotional campaign. The site is managed by a genuine bibliophile who is unfailingly supportive and very¬†generous¬†with his time, answering any queries you might have in a timely manner.

I recommend this website highly.
Rosie Chapel

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