Pamela Jean Horter-Moore

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Pamela Jean Horter-Moore

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I’ve wanted to write since I was 6, and much of my life has been tangled up with the written word. In those early years, I wrote imitations of the stories that enthralled me since childhood and threw most of them away.

I spent my career in occupations where I could channel some of my creativity into words. From newspapers, to public relations, employee communications, and marketing, and from there to documentation for the IT industry, I covered quite a lot of ground.

Through those many years, I continued to write creatively, experiencing breakthroughs when I published my historical novel Brief Candles in 1983 and a short story, “Lamont,” in 1988. In the 1990s, I gave into my most romantic fancies and began my draft of LoveQuest. In the 2000s, I returned to my love of English history to manage a forum where I wrote under a pseudonym.
In every venture, I was inspired by my passion for English history, Greek mythology, and the real-life events that let me experience a perspective other than my own.

I don’t consider myself a writer of romance, fantasy, or history. I am a generalist whose projects are formed in my brain and can’t be categorized under any one genre. Now that I am retired, I hope to exercise the dream of a lifetime by expressing myself through words.

(Pamela Jean Horter-Moore, October 2017)



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