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Author Robin G. Howard

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Science fiction fantasy and non-fiction author Robin G Howard delves into the supernatural incorporating theories and ideas in all his books. Questions asked ā€“ Why are we here? What are we doing? Why is life so short and time so long? Can we reach the edges of the universe? Is it possible to travel in thought? Have you ever wondered where humankind is heading and for what reason? The big question who or what is God? Is space the final frontier or is there more? To find more answers we need to explore our short history and the future ahead. The psychic forces of humanity are new and enticing and not as yet investigated because our knowledge is still limited. In an exploration of these Robin tries to examine all areas in both genres. Come on in and join an expedition into the mind.

Author Robin G Howard presents Jim Long space agent. The stories encompass a series of stand-alone stories in 7 books including one as an episodic creation. Jim travels physically in space and spirit form in mirror body moving into the vast realms of the astral and other dimensions of space and time.

(Robin G. Howard, December 2017)


Jim Long Space Agent Series

Book 3: Soulgate – Temple of Souls

front cover soulgate - temple of souls by Robin G. Howard






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