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Rosie Chapel author


Born and educated in the north east of England, I emigrated to Australia with my husband nearly twenty years ago and currently live near Perth. After a long career in finance and customer service, I took a leap of faith, making the decision to follow my first love – classical history – and returned to University as a mature student.

It was one of the best decisions of my life and I enjoyed every minute of it, recently completing a BA with a double major in Classics & Ancient History and Medieval & Early Modern Studies.

Having developed an abiding love for anything connected to Ancient Rome, I decided channel my passion into fiction, which culminated in my first novel ‘The Pomegranate Tree’. Based around archaeological excavations on Masada, this is book one in the ‘Hannah’s Heirloom’ sequence. The sequel ‘Echoes and Stone and Fire’ has recently been released, with the final novel of the trilogy in the process of being edited! An avid book reader for all of my life, I wrote these books in a style that I love to read, historical romances with a twist.


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Hannah’s Heirloom Series

Prequel – Etched in Starlight

front cover Etched in Starlight - hannas's Heirloom prequel


Book 1 – The Pomegranate Tree

The Pomegranate Tree (Hannah's Heirloom Book 1) by Rose Chapel


Book 2 – Echoes of Stone and Fire

Echoes of Stone and Fire

Book 3 – Embers of Destiny

Cover Embers of Destiny (Hannah's Heirloom Book 3)

Once Upon an Earl

front cover Once Upon an Earl by Rosie Chapel

To Unlock Her Heart

front cover To Unlock Her Heart by Rosie Chapel

A Love Unquenchable

Front Cover A Love Unquenchable by Rosie Chapel

Of Ruins and Romance

front cover of ruins and romance by rosie chapel

Love on a Winter’s Tide

front cover love on a winters tide by rosie chapel





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