Stuart Kenyon

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picture author Stuart Kenyon


Stuart has a rare approach to writing – virtually all of his work is done during the working day. As a father of two with a full-time job, his spare time is at a premium, so he pens his novels on his smartphone whilst commuting to and from work, and during his lunch hour. The author studied English Literature at the University of Salford and lives with his wife, kids and dog in a suburb of Manchester, UK.

Two things inspired him to write the SUBNORMAL series:

1) In 2013 he read Winter of the World by Ken Follett. Set during World War 2, one of its chapters tells the story of a disabled German child who is removed from his family by the Nazis as part of Aktion T4 – a programme which ordered compulsory euthanasia for all Third Reich citizens with a debilitating or terminal illness. Stuart has a severely-autistic son. If he and his family had’ve lived in Germany seventy-five years, young Max would’ve been earmarked for extermination. This concept staggered Stuart and was the main reason for his choice of subject matter.
2) Since the global recession austerity measures have been introduced in the UK. The current Conservative government has been overly-zealous with its cuts, slashing benefits for the disabled in particular whilst protecting the rich and powerful. They’re targetting society’s most vulnerable because they can’t fight back. The SUBNORMAL story is an extreme version of these circumstances.

(Stuart Kenyon, 26th May 2016)



Cover Subnormal by Stuart Kenyon


cover Supernormal - Book 2 of the SUBNORMAL series - Great Britain as a Dystopian Society by Stuart Kenyon







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