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Mama’s Madness by Billy Ray Chitwood

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Mama’s Madness  is a thriller by Billy Ray Chitwood.

back cover Mama's Madness by Billy Ray Chitwood front cover Mama's Madness by Billy Ray Chitwood



A story inspired by a northern California news account a few years ago … Some of the details in this fictional penning are true. Some of the details are exaggerated and are simply the work of the author’s imagination. What is clearly evidenced in this novel is the coldness of a mother’s heart and the madness of her cruelty. The mind cannot comprehend lives the children depicted here were forced to endure: from black punishment closets of hell, kitchen tables used for crudely performed operations, to a high sierra execution by fire. The terror is real. The pain is vicariously felt. Unbelievable? Yes, it is unbelievable that such depravity, such MAMA’S MADNESS exists in our world. Accept the embellishments with the truth.

A Word from the Author

Author Billy Ray Chitwood pictureWhen I researched the cruelty administered by a mother in Northern California to her daughters, I had to write about it… A tough book to pen, my emotions were at times visceral in their tragic reflections. Yes, there are some author embellishments in this novel, but the evil acts by this mother can scar the soul.
My fiction here can bring no earth-shaking remedies for the evil in the world. Hopefully and humbly, MAMA’S MADNESS can at least make us all more alert, more cautious, to the evil that could be hiding behind an insincere smile, an idle promise, or an offer of a ride home. Hopefully, it is just a silent siren to promote vigilance along with our penchant for kindness and love.

(Billy Ray Chitwood, August 2017)

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