Tobey Alexander

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Author Tobey Alexander


Tobey Alexander is a father of three and has always had a bit of a wild imagination. There has always been a desire to write and even through teenage years there were many attempts, many stories and many failings. Now writing is a hobby alongside everyday work and family life. An avid reader and film fan Tobey’s imagination has always wandered beyond that which he is presented with and finally decided to brave the storm and release something he had written independently. Since then feedback has been encouraging and writing allows a little release for the over-active and vivid imagination. Having spent so many hours wrapped in the fictional worlds of others it only seemed fitting to give something back and release something from the frenzied imagination that they had all helped grow over the years.

The latest endeavour into the writing world comes from a story created for the entertainment of his children. It has fed their minds as they have grown and the story has helped them through the issues of growing up. It is seeing their hungry eyes and hanging on his every word that makes the whole world of fictions he creates worth the time, effort and headaches!

As he’s always said Tobey feels like he’s trying to make ripples in the ocean of talent already out there. Each entry into his catalogue is one extra wave along the way.


Footprints On The Other Side

Cover Footprints On The Other Side by Tobey Alexander


The Magdon Series

Volume 1: Origins Of The Magdon: Vercovicium

Cover Origins Of The Magdon - Vercovicium Volume 1 (The Magdon Series)

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