Alan Reynolds

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Alan Reynolds

Author Alan Reynolds


Based in Yorkshire, Alan Reynolds’ interest in writing came later in life following a successful career in Banking.

He started his first novel in January 2010, inspired by real life events centred on the Kosovan War and the plight of the refugees. Three weeks later it was finished. The book soon became a favourite on the ‘Authonomy’ website and after much trawling through the internet looking for an agent; his work caught the attention of Fisher King Publishers. They launched ‘Flying with Kites’ in September 2011. The book achieved an award in the prestigious Wishing Shelf 2014 competition. His fourth novel, The Sixth Pillar was shortlisted for the 2015 awards.

Flying with Kites is a favourite among the Kosovan community in London.

He has now written eleven novels, with seven now published. His second novel Taskers End was released in Dec 2012, his third, Breaking the Bank, April 2013. The Sixth Pillar was published in October 2013; The Tinker in November 2014, and The Coat in April 2015. All have received acclaim from readers.

His work is attracting a global readership and his first six novels are now in the hands of film producers.

His latest thriller ‘Valley of the Serpent’ is already attracting great reviews.

(Alan Reynolds, August 2017)


Valley of the Serpent

front cover Valley of the Serpent by Alan Reynolds

The Coat

The Coat by Alan Reynolds

The Sixth Pillar

The Sixth Pilar by Alan Reynolds



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